Non-aligned Governments to Promise Women Jobs and Political Power

Friday, July 23 2010

Aims to Address Feminization of Poverty

(May 9, 2005) Developing countries and their  richer partners in the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) will pledge to protect women from war and the affects of HIV/AIDS, and provide them with more political and economic power.

The pledge will be made by government ministers from up to 75 members of NAM, who are due to meet and discuss the challenges of globalization faced by women.

A draft of the Ministerial Declaration proposes measures such as: encouraging women to participate in legislatures, removing barriers for women in business and education, and implementing laws against domestic violence as well as affirmative action policies to prevent gender discrimination.

A statement by senior government officials, preparing for the ministerial gathering, noted that women suffer numerous obstacles such as "extreme poverty, violence and limited access to economic and productive resources, health services, education and skills training."

The NAM countries which include Afghanistan, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia also plan to pledge increased measures to curb the suffering of women in armed conflicts, noting that women and children often become the casualties of war.

The countries also aim to try to promote women's health services, noting that "the number of women and girls infected and affected by HIV/AIDS has been increasing steadily."

Malaysia currently chairs the NAM, a grouping of developing country nations that declared an intention to stay neutral in the Cold War. Despite the end of the Cold War, the 116-member movement has remained politically active to try to reverse the marginalization of developing countries in world affairs

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