Norway: 2005 TV campaign on Violence Against Women

Friday, July 23 2010

Mari Holmboe Ruge, WILPF Norway

Each year in October, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation dedicates one day for a national fundraising campaign to benefit a "good cause". This year the theme is '"A world without violence against women". The campaign will focus on four topics: violence against women during and after armed conflicts; trafficking in women; female genital mutilation; and violence in the family and other intimate relationships. In addition to national coverage, all households, most workplaces and public areas will be visited by volunteers and asked to contribute to anti-violence projects within the framework of the campaign theme.

The campaign is being coordinated by FOKUS, Forum for Women and Development, a network of women's organisations in Norway that includes the WILPF Norway national section. The proceeds will finance women's projects in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern and Southeastern Europe in their work to combat violence against women. WILPF Norway has developed three projects in cooperation
with sister sections in Belarus, Lebanon and Colombia which we hope will receive financial support from the campaign. Emphasis is placed on women as active peace builders rather than victims needing relief, in the spirit of SCR 1325. 

For more information, consult the campaign web page: 

For more information about FOKUS, visit:

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