Nova Scotia Family Violence Programs, Women's Centres Need Answers

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Nova Scotia Family Violence Programs, Women's Centres Need Answers

February 5, 2004, Dartmouth, NS: NDP Leader Darrell Dexter is calling on the Minister of Community Services to state publicly whether he intends to close transition houses or women's centres in Nova Scotia. Dexters comments follow the release of a response to funding proposals for women's centres, transition houses and treatment programs for abusive men.

     "This response from the Department of Community Services alludes to plans for regional transition houses and pitting women's centres against family resource centres for program funding," says Dexter. "Transition houses and women's centres deserve to know, right now, in plain language, just what the Minister has in mind for
their future."

     Dexter is concerned at the continued veil of secrecy over future plans for these critical services for women.

     "I have met with the premier a number of times and have asked him repeatedly about funding for family violence programs and women's centres," says Dexter. "He couldn't give me answers at that time."

     "Now, just a week before the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia is due to appear before the Standing Committee on Community Services a report on funding magically appears," says Dexter. "Yet it offers no more answers to these services than they had when their $897,000 funding cut was put on hold nearly two years ago."

Dexter says the evidence clearly demonstrates that transition houses are an integral part of any program to address domestic violence.

     "If this government is serious about addressing women's issues and providing effective support to women and children leaving abusive situations, they simply must come up with stable core funding for all the transition houses, men's counselling programs and women's centres in the province," says Dexter.


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