Ontario Human Rights Commission seeks input on new Code grounds 'gender identity' and 'gender expression'

Monday, May 13 2013

In 2000, the OHRC released a policy on gender identity and human rights, taking the position that the ground of sex could be used to protect transgender people from discrimination and harassment. Later, the OHRC called for an amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code to add "gender identity" as a prohibited ground of discrimination and harassment.

In June 2012, the Ontario Human Rights Code was amended to include two new grounds, "gender identity" and "gender expression". The addition of these new grounds makes clear that transgender people are entitled to the same legal protections from discrimination and harassment as everyone else.

To reflect these new Code grounds, as well as other developments relating to human rights and gender identity, the OHRC is currently working to update its Policy on discrimination and harassment because of gender identity.

Learn more about our consultation survey and how you can provide feedback by clicking here: https://fluidsurveys.com/s/ohrc_gender_identity/

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