Ontario Women's Health Council Announces New $2.3 Million Awards Programs with the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health

Wednesday, July 28 2010
TORONTO, May 24 /CNW/ - The Ontario Women's Health Council (OWHC) has funded three new awards programs in partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - Institute of Gender and Health (IGH). These new awards programs build on the OWHC's established relationship with IGH to fund new and emerging researchers in women's health.


"The partnership that we have with IGH enables us to fund women's health researchers at different stages of their careers, and to legitimize women's health as an important area of research," said Jane Pepino, Chair of the OWHC. "We are delighted to work with IGH to build even greater support for Ontario's most talented and ambitious researchers."


The three new awards are Master's, Doctoral, and New Investigator. The Master's Awards target students in the first or second years of their master's programs, and the Doctoral Awards target PhD students. The New Investigator Awards fund researchers who are within their first five years of becoming independent investigators.


"The partnership between the OWHC and IGH is a precedent-setting example of how organizations committed to building research capacity can cooperate to help make gender, sex, and health research a national priority," said Dr. Miriam Stewart, IGH Scientific Director. "The three new awards will leverage OWHC's commitment to women's health with CIHR's commitment to the creation of new knowledge and the improved health of all Canadians."


In additional efforts to build capacity in women's health research in Ontario, the OWHC is working on a new initiative with the Ontario Training Centre in Health Services and Policy Research (OTC) by funding student stipends and the development of a course in women's health services and policy research, and sponsoring a women's-health-themed summer institute. The OTC is a consortium of six Ontario universities that offers a graduate training program and is primarily funded by CIHR and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.


Other awards that the OWHC currently funds in partnership with IGH include the Fellowship Awards and the Mid-Career Awards. The OWHC also funds awards programs with the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies and the Research Unit of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.   For more information on the awards, visit www.womenshealthcouncil.on.ca

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