Ottawa Lesbian and Gay Anglicans Protest Synod Refusal to Bless Same Sex Marriages

Monday, July 26 2010

(Ottawa, ON, June 6, 2004) Twelve members of St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church congregation - lesbians, gay men and their supportive straight friends - protested against the Anglican Synod's recent refusal to approve the blessing of same sex marriages by sitting at the back of the Elgin Street Church in pews identified by rainbow flags.

Organizers of this community action explained that they wanted all Anglicans to realize that human rights are not negotiable, and that they would be "sitting at the back of the bus" for the foreseeable future to symbolize the fact that they do not have equal rights in the Church. They also said that they have already received inquiries from gay and lesbian parishioners in other Anglican churches, and that they expect this action to spread in coming weeks.

"St. John has given gay people a spiritual home," said one woman involved in the action. "But my spouse and I had to be married outside the Anglican Church. The refusal of the Anglican Synod to even consider blessing our relationship is hurtful and the Church needs to know that spiritual life will not go on as usual for gay and lesbian Anglicans."

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