Outcomes from LEAD Constituent Assembly, November 19-21, 2004

Monday, July 26 2010

Over the three-day period November 19-21, LEAF held a Constituent Assembly. As LEAF enters its 20th anniversary, the organization wanted to affirm a guiding vision for the future. LEAF values the support, contributions and goodwill of the thousands of women and men committed to advancing the equality rights of women through LEAF's litigation, law reform and education activities.

This document summarizes the outcomes of this recent LEAF Constituent Assembly and is a reflection of our commitment to honest, transparent and accurate communications with our stakeholders and extended LEAF family.

Why: LEAF convened a Constituent Assembly in order to affirm a vision and strategic direction for the organization. The organization and its members want to remain a vital and influential part of the equality-seeking movement in Canada and around the world. An assessment of our past record of success, and a plan for the future, will allow LEAF to enhance its effectiveness for the next generation of women and girls. What: The Constituent Assembly brought together over 30 representatives from all of LEAF's organizational members for an inclusive and productive consultation. During the three-day meeting participants discussed the vision of the organization and an appropriate strategic direction for LEAF.

Who: Representatives of the Board of Directors, LEAF Foundation, LEAF Branches, the National Legal Committee, National Education Committee, fundraising and staff.

Outcomes from the LEAF Constituent Assembly

A positive alignment of LEAF's members was established behind the following key commitments:

We are excited about the future of LEAF and know that with the support of our members, donors, funders, volunteers and staff we can work towards a future where substantive equality is assured for everyone.

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