Ovarian Cancer Information Project Launched

Monday, July 26 2010

Ovarian Cancer Information Project Launched

The National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA) plays a leading role in the campaign against ovarian cancer. In partnership with Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre's Psychosocial and Behavioural Research, NOCA sponsors the Ovarian Cancer Information Project (OCIP), a three-year Canada- wide project. Funded by the Lawson Foundation OCIP develops, disseminates and evaluates information products about ovarian cancer for women and health professionals. Visit NOCA's Web site at http://www.ovariancanada.org.

The project has launched a series of colourful awareness bookmarks for women who may be at increased risk for ovarian cancer (older women, lesbians and Jewish women). Versions in French, Portuguese, Chinese, Punjabi and Tamil are underway.

A new fact sheet has been developed for health professionals to increase awareness about ovarian cancer. Because there are no specific symptoms that herald the onset of ovarian cancer and there is no effective screening test, the fact sheet is designed to inform health professionals about the disease.

Soon we will introduce a package for women newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The package includes a video and handbook designed to provide support and information to help women deal with the impact of this devastating disease.

For further information about any of these materials, contact:
Fran Turner, Project Coordinator
Phone: 416.351.3805
Email: fran.turner@tsrcc.on.ca

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