Pay Inequity Costs More!

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Pay inequity costs women.

According to a recent study, nearly 80% of the hourly wage gap between women and men in New Brunswick is due to wage discrimination . This represents an average of about $2 less an hour for women.

Pay inequity also costs men.

Men also work in traditionally female or female-dominated professions or trades, such as social work, office work or elementary teaching. Because these professions and trades are often underestimated and underpaid, men who work in them also often receive unfair wages.

Pay inequity costs families.

A lower wage for the mother or father affects family income. Sometimes it means the difference between poverty and security. Studies prove that income is a major determining factor for health. Better income for women will improve the entire family’s health and quality of life.

Pay inequity costs the province.

Eliminating wage discrimination against women would increase provincial income tax and sales tax revenues by $226 million because women would be earning higher wages. The savings in the healthcare sector from eliminating wage discrimination could be up to $60 million .


Pay equity: equal pay for work of equal value.

Businesses should evaluate jobs and compare qualifications, responsibilities, effort and working conditions. Two jobs of the same value should receive equal compensation. Pay equity legislation would require businesses to evaluate jobs in this way.

From: Coalition for Pay Equity NB,


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