Protesters Arrested in Women's Services Minister's Office on March 12, 2004

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Five representatives from the BC Coalition of Women's Centres refused to leave an office at the BC Legislature this morning after a meeting with Ida Chong, Minister of State for Women's and Senior's Services. All of the representatives were arrested this morning and were later released.

The women, from the B.C. Coalition of Women's Centres, had been pleading with women's services minister Ida Chong to reinstate $1.7 million in funding for the province's 37 women's centres.

"There's just no one listening," said one of the protesters. "... Ida Chong just walked out and wouldn't even really talk about these things."

The Coalition went into the meeting with two requests: a commitment from Ida Chong to re-open the continuing agreement between the Government and the 37 Centres across the province with the intention to continue to fund crisis intervention, referral and emergency response services and to arrange an emergency meeting with Finance Minister, Gary Collins on this same issue. The Coalition has conceded the advocacy and political action services they provide that have been seen as so problematic for this Government.

The Government is cutting 100% of core operating funding to all Centres by March 31st, 2004, which is resulting in the closures of Centres across BC.

The BC Liberals have subjected women to more than our share of devastating legislation and cuts. They continue to put women at risk of starvation, harassment, violence, homelessness, addiction, unemployment, lose of their children, and isolation, with no legal aid and nowhere to turn

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