Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) survey on needs of maternal-child healthcare system

Thursday, October 22 2015

I am contacting you on behalf of the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) – a provincial body that aims to generate information to support the evolving needs of the maternal-child health care system in Ontario ( We are currently working on a provincial strategy for Low Risk Maternal and Newborn Care in Ontario, to help ensure that all women have access to the right care at the right time during their pregnancy, no matter where they live in the province. In order to engage women in our strategy development and find out what truly matters to them when it comes to the care that they receive during their pregnancy, we have created an online survey.

We are now requesting your assistance in promoting this survey!  

The patient survey can be completed online using this link:

We are looking for representation across the province, in order to get a diverse set of perspectives from women who recently have had a ‘low risk birth’ in Ontario (since 2010). Attached is a poster you can print, email to your networks, or post on your webpage to help us promote this survey, or alternatively you can refer to our website:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you kindly for your assistance!

Olha Lutsiv, MPH

Program Analyst

Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health

Tel: (416) 813-7654, ext. 201144

Fax: (416) 813-5995


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