Reality Check: Women in Canada and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action Fifteen Years On

Monday, January 21 2013


This report shows how there has been a systematic erosion of the human rights of women and girls in Canada. The changes to gender architecture, the shifts in policy and programming within the Government, and the Government's response to the economic crisis have been felt by the most vulnerable women and girls in Canada. The authors show how the organisations that provide those women and girls with an opportunity to bring their concerns forward have been eliminated, or gagged by new funding regulations. Women and girls in Canada call on the international community to condemn the policies that have resulted in the deaths of Aboriginal women, the abandonment of women living in poverty, and the curtailing of the democratic representation of women's needs and interests. The report then examines the Canadian status on the 12 critical areas of concern identified in Beijing which include: women and poverty, education and training of women, women and health, violence against women, women and armed conflict, women and the economy, women in power and decision making, women and the media, women and the environment and the girl-child. Under the issue of women and education the report highlights how the female Aboriginal population is growing at a rate of four times that of the non-Aboriginal female population of Canada according to Statistics Canada, yet some 40 percent of Aboriginal women over the age of 25 have not completed high school. Less than half as many Aboriginal women complete a university education as their non-Aboriginal peers. The report affirms that Canadian civil society will continue to work with the Government of Canada and international human rights bodies to ensure that Canada meets its commitments to Canadian women and girls.

Coordinated by the Canadian Labour Congress and FAFIA (Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action / L’Alliance Canadienne Féministe pour L’action Internationale)


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