RJNB has some exciting news to announce...

Wednesday, July 2 2014

RJNB has some exciting news to announce that we wanted to share with therest of the collective before it is made public:

This Canada Day announcement from the ad hoc Reproductive Justice NB group reminds us how "I think I can" is part of our national character . . .

We are going to fundraise to purchase the NB clinic! We require a min of $80,000-160,000 for a down payment with a max of $500,000 to purchase outright. Our crowd funding site will be launched over the next two days (waiting on verification from the site itself) but in the meantime we are announcing our plan to the public in order to start spreading the word as we need to collect the necessary funds ASAP.

While this doesn't solve the long term problem of changing NB laws that restrict access, it provides immediate relief by ensuring abortion remains available in NB. Regardless of what happens, we will continue the fight.

While we are confident that we can reach our goal, if we are unable to we will be using collected funds towards RJNB advocacy efforts. However, there are lots of things you can do to help us reach this important goal.

1) donate and share with your networks once the site is launched. For the next few days until it is up and running, get the word out about our mission. Use the hashtags #NBProchoice and #SaveTheClinic

2) come to a prochoice gala that will be co hosted by the Fredericton Youth Feminists and RJNB with funds raised going towards the clinic fund. Price is $60 and will be at the Crowne Plaza on July 25th with food, a cash bar, silent auction, and lots of dancing! Email me for info on how to purchase tickets!

3) tell everyone about the upcoming rally on the last clinic day, July 18th starting at the clinic at noon. A Facebook event to come.

4) we are releasing information for NB helping professionals, as well as for anyone nationwide. We need help getting that info out there - via email, social media, posters, etc. we will send these along once translation is finished.

Please, tweet, post, speak up about this as much as you can. We need all of your support to make this a reality.

In solidarity,
Kathleen and RJNB executive
Kathleen M. Pye BSc(KIN), MSc, MEd, PhD (c)
Mental Health Strategist and Counselling Therapist
UNB Counselling Services

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