Sex trade work in New Brunswick

Wednesday, July 28 2010

75 past and current sex trade workers in Saint John, Fredericton and mostly Moncton were interviewed in 2006 (54 female and 21 male). Sex trade work is defined as selling sexual services on the streets, through an escort agency, massage parlor or strip club.



Findings: Many sex workers are reluctant to access services and many do not disclose to service providers that they are in the sex trade. Detoxification centres - one of the most widely used services– were cited as the most judgmental of all services. Respondents said they would not access detox centres again regardless of how badly they required them. Although 27% of respondents utilized detox centres, they were reported to be the most judgmental. Sexual Health and AIDS organizations and soup kitchens were noted to be non-judgemental.

Regarding current sex trade workers:

Average age: 30 years. The majority had been in the trade for less than 5 yrs.



Among the recommendations: Drop-in centres where sex workers can access non-judgemental services, not limited to those wishing to exit the trade; immediate access to addictions treatment, more female beds in detox centres, smooth and direct transition from detox centres to treatment, women-specific drug treatment and sensitivity training for detoxification staff in particular.


- Sex Trade Research Initiative, New Brunswick, Stacy Lee and John Coates, PhD, January 2007

For. Executive Council Office, Women’s Issues Branch.

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