Survivors Connect Network votes to stand with our sisters in Canada regarding the Bedford prostitution decision

Tuesday, November 30 1999

Survivors Connect, the international online leaderless network of trafficking/prostitution survivors, has voted to stand with our Canadian sisters in the Aboriginal Women's Action Network and SexTrade101 AGAINST the Bedford prostitution decision.  These amazing women have selflessly and tirelessly been educating the public about  how the Bedford decision harms women in prostitution.  Here's our statement:

 "We the 34 trafficking/prostitution survivor members of Survivors Connect stand with the women of  SexTrade101 and the Aboriginal Women?s Action Network  We are very sad and shocked by the Ontario Bedford case decision**. <>.

Legalizing brothels hurts women in prostitution by making it legal to be a pimp, male or female, who owns a brothel or acts as a "driver" or "bodyguard."  Putting the law behind traffickers/pimps empowers them.  As Natasha Falle has said, it's not the laws that prevent the prostituted from reporting to the police, its the men (and women) who buy and sell them that label them rats and snitches if they do. Violence/death the penalty. As Trisha Baptie and Bridget Perrier have
stated, "It's not the streets that kill the women, it's the men that kill the women."

Survivors Connect Network is completely autonomous.  All of our 34 members are trafficking/prostitution survivors.  We have no hierarchy or leader. We vote on each political issue we choose to address, so we voted on whether or not to issue this statement.

Not one member voted against it.

Joining our voices makes us stronger and harder to ignore.  We are sisters and survivors.  Nothing will break the bonds between us.  We are  We welcome sister survivors with joy.  All members are carefully screened via personal reference, phone calls or video chat to make sure no male or female pimps or Johns get in. 

The decision:

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