The End of Cervical Cap? Raise Your Voice in Solidarity

Thursday, August 12 2010

Montréal, March 22nd 2005: The Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal offered fitting for cervical caps to women for the last 20 years. We put lots of efforts via our health research agent to promote that method of contraception which is safe for women. Because of those efforts the cervical cap was more and more popular even amongst young women.

Tha caps are made in England by Lamberts Dalston and FP sales was our distributor. The company was then acquired two years ago by Williams Medical Supplies.

In November 2004, we began to have problems supplying ourself with the caps needed. It seemed that FP sales was losing our orders without any reason. We guessed that something was wrong, that there might be a more serious problem, then discovered that the company would not supply North America with caps anymore. After many questions and researches, we learned that that the company would even stop making caps. It’s a commercial decision and we can assume the decision is a money issue, hormonal contraceptives are more profitable to companies.

It’s a shock for the Centre, one less alternative for women and our service for the fitting of cervical caps will probably definitively close its doors. We ask you to raise your voice in solidarity to attempt to make them change their decision. Please send them a letter by fax and email as soon as possible, the numbers are on the model letter. You just need to add the date and your signature. We invite women and groups to participate. Please send a copy of your letter to

If you need more informations, please contact:
Nicole Desrosiers at
For the Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal

Deadline of this call : April 7th, 2005.
Model letter for women and groups :

March , 2005

To: Mr Robin Williams
Chairman, Williams Medical Supplies PLC
Fax number: 011448704444621

Object: Recent decision to not sell cervical caps outside the EU

Mr Chairman,

We (or I) have been informed by the Centre de Santé des Femmes de Montréal of your decision to not sell cervical caps outside the EU.

As a group who knows the importance of contraception, we are very disappointed that because we live in Canada we are being penalized and won’t have the cervical cap as an option anymore. The cap is a very interesting mean of contraception, efficient and safe for women’s health. Alternatives to hormonal methods are few and apart but are essentials, especially in a society who prides itself for offering freedom and choices. We want to have the cervical cap as an option.

For that reason and for more, we ask you to reconsider your decision and supply organization in Canada with the cap.


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