The FemINist INitiative of BC goes Federal

Monday, July 26 2010

Bringing INnovation to politics

Welcome to the FemINist INitiative of Canada.

It's time for change. Politicians through all levels of government say that voters are apathetic. Apathy implies passivity and tacitly faults the individual in whom it resides. Voters are not apathetic; they are disgusted and that disgust is rapidly turning to aversion.

The FemINist INitiative of Canada recognizes that politics in must be done differently. It must be civil and inclusive of diversity; it must reflect the balance of the feminine and the masculine in the electorate; it must focus on solutions, not problems; and it must respect the wisdom of its people and communities. A fundamental goal of the FemINist INitiative of Canada is to bring innovation to politics and demonstrates its benefits to all Canadians.

The FemINist INitiative of Canada will, through a process of grassroots consultation and consensus building, develop a party and candidates guided by the values of INclusiveness, INtegrity, INvolvement and INnovation. These values, together with our Constitution, will guide the development of our policies, procedures, platforms and conduct. We will strive for harmony by working toward achieving a society in which its cultural, social, political and economic institutions reflect the balance of the feminine and the masculine inherent in Canada's people.

We will reach out to members of our society who have been marginalized by societal biases, the bureaucratic wall of silence, and political bungling and lack of awareness. We will encourage their meaningful participation in the formation of policy affecting their lives, because we respect that they – not politicians, not bureaucrats, not academics – are more apt to know what is best for them. We will bring civility and openness to the political realm and respect for those whose views we may not share. We will demonstrate through action, and talk without double-speak, that INclusiveness, INtegrity and INnovation can reignite the electorate, inspiring the INvolvement of voters in the political process.

This is just a part of what the FemINist INitiative of Canada has been talking about.

For more information about this innovative new group of very dedicated people, please visit the website: and email:

This burgeoning Canadian federal political party originated from British Columbia, Canada, where the FemINist INitiative of BC became an officially-recognized provincial party on June 22, 2005. Now the FemINist INitiative movement is spreading across Canada in hopes of securing the party's official place in Canadian federal politics.

THE FIRST, AND MOST IMPORTANT STEP in the official federal party registration process is for Canadians to sign up as members! If we can build our membership to the number required by early November, FemINit-CA will be eliglble to endorse candidates in the upcoming federal election. This is the second step of registration. If we do not build our membership in time, we will have lost four years of party registration - until the next federal election. If you are not Canadian, you can still show your support by emailing FemINist INitiative and letting us know what you think. We would appreciate hearing from you.


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