The Latest from Young Women Vote 2004: The 20,000 Project

Monday, July 26 2010
The Latest from Young Women Vote 2004: The 20,000 Project   There's been lots of talk in the media, among politicians, academics and thinkers about "how young people aren't getting out to vote" and that "the youth of today don't care". There is a lot of truth to these impressions. We are going to change this.   We are starting a campaign, "The 20,000 Project", because as young women, we want o show Canadians that we do care.   Young women in Canada are as much a part of the country as the politicians that run this place. And, that means that we should get a say in how this whole place works, right? But, the reality of it is, lots of politicians don't understand or care about young women, let alone Canadian youth.   We want to let these guys know that we do care. We do think it's important to be involved. So the question is, how do we do that? We believe we have at least one solution.   We are three young women who have been working for Parliament Ottawa. Although things have changed, we have seen how much this place is still an old boys club! We would like to send out the message to these old boys, Prime Minister Paul Martin included, that as young women we believe that it is important for us to have our say.   One of the ways to do this is to come out and vote. Yes, we know that there are problems with this process. Yes, we know that people definitely feel like their votes don't count. But we can't sit around talking about how to do this any longer. It's time we take action. We need to get involved, take a stand, tell them what we think is important, and demand that they listen to young women in this country.   Which is where you come in.   We would love for young women across the country to come together, to speak out and to vote.   We are gathering names of young women who will pledge to vote in the next federal election. We would like to add your name. So, sign the petition. Send us an e-mail. Tell us what you think is important. And, since we happen to be in Ottawa, we will do our darndest to try and get our collective voices heard.   Truths about Voting in Canada Even in this day and age, men still take the place at our governmental able...   Canada's newest instrument of power: The Council of the Federation ALL MEN!!!


Q: Why Vote? A: Because you can!   It might sound trite, but one good reason to exercise your vote is because you are lucky enough to live in a country where you can participate in the democratic process. Sure, the process isn't perfect, but it is hard to change the system without becoming involved.   When Canada first became a country, only about 11% on its citizens were eligible to vote. Now, because of a lot of hard work, 68% of Canadians are eligible to vote. This represents almost everyone over the age of 18.   Exercising this right is important!   How can you help the 20,000 Project?   Go to : and tell us that you will vote in the next election!   You can write in to tell us what you think matters to women, and how politics and government can improve your life.   You can also help us out by passing on this information to friends, family and other folks in your life.   If you want more information, or if you want a hard copy, you can reach us by e-mail:   To sign the pledge, go to:


  Even though women make up half of the Canadian population, they are dramatically underrepresented in federal government. Today, there are 301 members of the House of Commons and only 63 of these are women. This means that only 21% of our politicians are women! In the last election, there were 1,808 candidates, and again only 21% (375) were women.   There are over 2.5 million women between the ages of 18 and 30. Imagine what we could do if we worked together!   For every eight men in parliament, there are only two women among them...

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