The Life of Mirlande Demers, President of a National Women's Research Organization, Honoured by her Peers Following Her Death on June 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17 2008
OTTAWA, July 16, 2008 Mirlande Demers, President of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) died suddenly at the age of 26, June 18th 2008, in Indonesia. Her funeral was held on the morning of July 5th in Québec City.

Jane Robinson, Past President of CRIAW, attended Mirlande's funeral and
said: Mirlande touched CRIAW not only with her story, her generosity and
her determination, but also with her desire to work together. She collaborated on committees so that CRIAW itself would change and reflect the multiplicity and intersectionality of oppressions and identities in our
society. Ms. Robinson continued by expressing that "The women of CRIAW, the members, the Board and the Staff, even those who had not yet met Mirlande, were very impressed and inspired by her."

CRIAW has prepared a collection of testimonies and reflections about
Mirlande and have posted it to its Website at This is a work in progress as CRIAW will continue
compiling testimonies as they come in. Lise Martin, past Executive Director of CRIAW submitted her thoughts: The words courage, hope, optimism
and determination can't even begin to symbolize Mirlande Demers. She was a woman that truly devoted her young life to social justice. This represents
only one of the many beautiful testimonies CRIAW has already received.
Additional testimonies or reflections can be sent to  for inclusion on the Website.

Mirlande first join the Board of Directors in October 2005 and had been a
strong contributor since then as Secretary and more recently as President.
She was quite involved in several Board sub committees, such as the
Intersectional Feminist Frameworks (IFFs) and Healing Committees.

CRIAW is a research institute which provides tools to facilitate
organizations taking action to advance social justice and equality for all
women. Please visit our web site at

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