The World Social Forum and Resolution 1325

Monday, July 26 2010

The 5th World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 26- 31 January 2005 was the largest held so far. More than 155,000 persons from 135 countries participated in 2500 activities held in 250 tents, warehouses, or bio-structures made of natural materials such as straw or of bricks made from recycled products. The Youth Camp with 35,000 youth was integrated in the area of the WSF meeting sites along the Guaiba river and lake.

WILPF members organized a 3-hour workshop on Women, Peace and Security: Implementation of UN Resolutions 1325. Examples of how 1325 is used in the political situations of Colombia and El Salvador led to an audience-wide discussion of the meaning and significance of 1325 in various situations within the context of a holistic view of human security and women’s role in peace and conflict. Interpretation in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English by voluntary language specialists made the seminar possible.

The discussion, which was dynamic and interactive, led to the recommendation that trainings in Resolution 1325 be given at future social forums. This is consistent with the WSF Charter of Principles to provide a meeting place to debate alternatives in building a globalization in solidarity respecting the human rights of men and women of all nations.

In 2006 the World Social Forum will be “mundialized” – spread out through the world in regional social forums following the methodology and political criteria of the WSF Charter of Principles. The aim is to make the WSF decentralized and closer to the reality of social movements world-wide and vice-versa. With new horizons the 2007 WSF will be in Africa – where in Africa is still to be decided.

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