The World's Women 2005: Progress in Statistics

Monday, July 26 2010

Statistics Division of the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), January, 2006

Available online at:

Analysing statistics from 204 countries, The World's Women 2005: Progress in Statistics focused on how gender sensitive national statistical systems around the world.

This report focuses on this issue of national reporting of sex disaggregated statistics in such areas as demographics, health, education, work, violence against women, poverty, human rights and decision-making. This is the fourth World's Women report since 1991.'The previous three focused on statistical trends in the situation of women. Five years ago, the World's Women report emphasized that there was a lack of sex disaggregated data and that the improvement of national statistical capacity - the ability to provide timely and
reliable statistics - are essential for improving gender statistics.

The Annex reports on the availability of national statistics of key gender concerns as well as providing updated figures for many of the indicators presented in The World's Women 2000: Trends and Statistics, plus some additional relevant indicators of the status of women and


Demographic and Social Statistics Branch, United Nations Statistics Division - Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations - New York, NY, USA

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