Time to Recognize Midwifery in New Brunswick

Wednesday, July 28 2010
Time to Recognize Midwifery in New Brunswick   The Midwives Association of New Brunswick is advocating for recognition of the work of midwives so that they could practice in NB hospitals and with health teams. The Association is organizing an event on May 3, International Midwifery Day, in Fredericton (Wu Center) and have launched a new internet site and forum. From their site: "Midwives are low-risk maternity care specialists... Legislating midwives in NB is an achievable and cost-effective solution for providing access to low-risk obstetrical services to more women. This is consistent with current government priorities to increase access to cost-effective primary health care. Midwifery is now regulated in 5 provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. With the exception of Alberta, midwives in these provinces are paid by the public health care system. It is time the women of NB be offered the same choices in childbirth caregivers as Western Canada."   http://www.manb-asfnb.ca/en_manb.htm

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