Urgent Action Needed on Daycare

Tuesday, July 27 2010

The federal Finance Minister has announced extremely brief timelines for "Online Pre-Budget Consultations for 2006".

The closing date is next Wednesday, April 19, 2006!

We need to keep on "speaking up" and defending daycare! Federal comments from Harper and Conservative Members of Parliament tell us that their real priority is to CUT federal child care spending and END the federal-provincial child care agreements.


Take a few minutes right now (or in the next day or two) and send an e-mail to the Finance Minister. Then widely SHARE this e-mail information so that others can send an e-mail too.

The Finance Minister asks:

"What are your expectations for our first budget? What needs to be done now, and how can we best lay the groundwork for action later on?"

  1. YOU CAN either write your MP an e-mail message OR copy/paste or modify our sample message below.
  2. SEND your e-mail for this consultation to: budget2006consult@fin.gc.ca

SAMPLE message:

Dear Minister of Finance,

I urge the Minister of Finance and all Members of Parliament to ensure the 2006 federal budget includes adequate funding specifically to support the federal-provincial child care agreements.

Our families need and depend upon access to child care services that are high quality, affordable and available in our communities.

Beyond the 2006 budget, I urge the House of Commons to ensure multi-year funding for child care to the provinces/territories, and to affirm Canada's commitment to building a Canadian child care system.


Include your full name and complete postal/mailing address here.


REMEMBER the closing date is April 19, 2006!

More information on the on-line consultation on the government web site at


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