Urgent! Anti-Sharia Law Activist Faces Deportation to Iran

Tuesday, July 27 2010

Thursday, November 23rd at 10:30 a.m.
Federal Court 180 Queen St. W.

TORONTO -- A young Iranian woman fears torture and imprisonment if she is deported to Iran. The young woman known as S. has lived in Canada for four years, after escaping an abusive marriage. She became an outspoken critic of Islamic arbitration and was an active member of women's groups opposing the introduction of Sharia Law in Ontario courts.

If returned to Iran, the young woman fears that an Islamic fundamentalist state may not only refuse to recognize her divorce, but will also persecute, torture, and imprison her because of her outspoken views on Islamic law.

On March 12th her deportation was stayed and on March 28th, S. was granted an appeal to stay in Canada until her case is reviewed. However,
her temporary relief has come to an end, Canada's Federal Court will be hearing her case and determining her fate this Thursday.

A country known for its human rights abuses, Iran has a poor record on women's rights and on the brutal treatment of dissenters, the murder of Canadian journalist and photographer Zahra Kazemi has illustrated this point. If the Iranian government can brutally murder a Canadian citizen, the life of a deportee who was an outspoken critic of Islamic law is in peril.

Supporters will gather outside the board at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday to call on Canada to protect women's rights and grant S. permanent status in Canada.

For more information contact Sima Zerehi No One is Illegal Toronto at 416-893-4053 Yen Chu Media Liaison at 416-767-4175

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