Vancouver's Women in Print to Close September 11, 2005

Thursday, September 1 2005
Dear Friends,

It is with mixed feelings we announce that WOMEN IN PRINT will close on September 11th.

When WOMEN IN PRINT opened in 1993 women?s presses/publishers and bookstores across North America were still active, vibrant, and relevant. Our space has been used as a resource centre, providing information about women?s events and services, most of which we have also supported through advertising, gift certificates, and donations. In the past twelve years, WOMEN IN PRINT has hosted over 500 book events and author readings, on-site and in the community.

Today, all but a very few feminist enterprises have gone and we are the last feminist bookstore in British Columbia to close.

We want to thank YOU, our loyal customers/friends ? too many to name but too few to keep us going. Your support has meant a lot to us.

Also, we are very grateful to the many young women who have worked alongside us with such energy and enthusiasm ? especially Dorothy, Alexandra, Morgan, and Carol. We could not have survived the last six years without Kim.

WOMEN IN PRINT will keep her website and do some online sales. We will also continue to co-sponsor readings and launches about town.

We trust that you will continue to support the independent booksellers who bring you independent voices and we wish you all the very best for the future. We leave you with two quotes that say ?it? better than we can ?

Louise Hager and Carol Dale

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