Women and HIV webinar Series

Thursday, November 28 2013

AIDS Committee of Guelph

This Webinar Series includes five short learning modules, to help you learn about women's HIV prevention needs.

These modules will help you integrate strategies into your community-based organization to create more responsive and supportive environments for women at risk to HIV.


Module 1 — Introduction

Module 2 — HIV Basics

Module 3 — Women and HIV

Module 4 — Role of the Service Provider

Module 5 — Summary

Includes supplementary materials - including more in-depth documents that will support your learning and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Please also be sure to follow the link provided in Module #5 to complete a short survey when you are finished! Your feedback is valued and will help us improve!

Questions or concerns? Please contact Megan DePutter

at communitydevelopment@aidsguelph.org or call

519.763-2255 ext. 161.

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