Women Demand Equal Protection Under the Law

Tuesday, July 27 2010
DAWN Ontario: DisAbled Women's Network June 17, 2004     DAWN Ontario condemns the statements of David Welch, a former art student at Georgian College, who scrawled in white chalk on a giant blackboard:     All women are filthy f----ing whores ... DIE ALL WOMEN. KILL ALL WOMEN KILL ALL WOMEN.     While DAWN applauds the decision of Justice Nancy Dawson who said: "This statement was hateful, shocking, vindictive and emotionally disturbing", and convicted Welch of uttering death threats and mischief, we implore the Crown to act further and charge him under Canada's Hate Law.     "Violence against women is all about a power imbalance and clearly this individual enjoys the power his 'art' exhibits. HE is clearly conscious of what he is doing." says DAWN board member, Marianne Park. Welch has depicted art exploiting violence toward women. In his own defense, the artist insisted the statement was part of his project, which included downloaded video images of women eating feces which was to be entitled "The media is feeding us s--t". He admitted he often created provocative art that would "get a rise" out of people. One painting depicted a woman with her legs splayed apart and a dagger in her genitals.     While the Crown is requesting a psychological assessment, which will show Welch's ability to understand right from wrong, any difficulties would have been self evident while attending his studies. Often, art students will look for what attracts the art critics in their work with the hopes it will find a place in a Canadian art gallery.     "Extreme exploitation at the expense of women in any art form is unacceptable and we cannot explain away such actions as the work of someone who isn't in their right mind when all along they are very well aware of what they are doing . Such disregard for the viewers and the subjects of whom he has depicted, speaks to the level of acceptance we have allowed ourselves to lower to as a society to continue to attack and victimize women" says Marlene Westfall of DAWN who has a degree in visual art.     "Our Criminal Justice system trumpets zero tolerance of violence against women in domestic situations; what about in everyday systemic matters and social conditions that affect women? In Canada, women have the right for genuine respect and a right to safety to live free of violence." says Barbara Anello, Acting Chair of DAWN Ontario.     for more information: Marlene Westfall - Windsor - Tel: 519-948-0649 Marianne Park - Woodstock - Tel: 519-537-7040 Patricia Manahan - Thunder Bay - Tel: 807-622-6453 Barbara Anello - North Bay - Tel: 705-494-9078   DAWN Ontario: DisAbled Women's Network 975 McKeown Ave. Unit 5A, Suite 162 North Bay, ON P1B 9P2 tel: 705-494-9078 Email: dawnontario@sympatico.ca http://dawn.thot.net


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