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Wednesday, December 14 2011

womencan.ca is here to serve you. With nearly one million hits a month, we can guarantee that lots of women will read about what your group is doing.

How we can help

Planning an event? Our bulletin boards, divided into lots of categories, get hundreds of hits a day. Go to http://www.womencan.ca/bb.php

Our news section highlights your concerns, issues, advocacy activities and other topics http://www.womennet.ca/news.php

Our resources section provides details on thousands of periodicals, publications, books, research studies, videos, and other sources of information on topics of interest to women, from child care to violence against women. Check it out at http://www.womencan.ca/resources.php

Let us list your group in the Directory of Canadian Women's Resources at http://www.womencan.ca/directory.php . Criteria for listing:

  1. Your group must provide services, programs or activities for women
  2. Your group must be a non-profit organization or charity, and be located in Canada

If you are not sure whether your organization meets the above criteria, please e-mail info@womencan.ca

All groups listed in the Directory automatically appear in the Links section of womennet.ca at http://www.womencan.ca/links.php


To be included, all you have to to is put us on your e-mailing list, or send us info on a regular basis.



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