Women's College Hospital elects new members to the Board

Wednesday, July 28 2010

TORONTO, Sept. 20 /CNW/ - The Board of Directors of Women's College Hospital is pleased to announce the seven new Board members elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Women's College Hospital held today.

The following people complete the 27-member Board:


In her speech at the meeting, retiring Chair of the Women's College Hospital Board, Carol Cowan said, "No one is asking anymore: Is there such a thing as women's health?...the challenge for Women's College Hospital will be the building of a vibrant, robust, health-care institution which will take patience, forbearance, diplomacy and skill in building alliances, and a realistic vision of the art of the possible...the future is now in our hands."

Ms. Cowan also thanked the Board of Directors for their support, passion, hard work and loyalty to Women's College Hospital and to Women's Health. She wished them success in the exciting times ahead, in helping to form the future for Women's College and Women's Health in the province of Ontario.


Located in Toronto on 76 Grenville Street, Women's College Hospital has for over 120 years advanced the healthcare and well-being of women.

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