Women's Groups Find Silver Lining in World Summit

Monday, July 26 2010

September 9 2005 (WOMENSENEWS) - Disappointed at the failure of the U.N. World Summit to make more specific commitments to combating world poverty, some women's groups are relieved that at least provisions to help women were included in a final document.

Amid a sense of disappointment over the three-day U.N. World Summit held here last week, women's rights advocates claimed a small victory. When the dust settled after strained, last-minute negotiations over the "outcome" document of the summit, key strategies promoting gender equality remained in the text signed by 191 world leaders last Friday.

"For women's rights activists, the most important outcome is that in a space that was not women-specific, we kept women as a political factor at the forefront of the U.N.," said Charlotte Bunch, executive director for the Center for Women's Global Leadership, the State University of New Jersey, Rutgers.

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