The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth & Everything in Between


Ann Douglas
(Macmillan Canada, 2000)

There's no shortage of pregnancy books available on the market today. However, most of them aren't really helpful ? guilting moms-to-be into shunning junk food for nine months isn't for everyone! Neither is having a fictional "girlfriend" humour you through your pregnancy. Just the facts, please!

Well, luckily, there's this book. The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, based on interviews with more than 100 Canadian parents and parents-to-be, is written in a conversational style, and is probably the most thorough of all pregnancy books out there today. It provides a frank discussion of what it's really like to have a baby, including the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy, the career and financial costs of starting a family, and other important issues that most pregnancy books don't touch upon.