Breaking Boundaries: Women In Higher Education

by: Val Walsh

Paperback: 192 pages Publisher: Taylor & Francis; 1 edition (August 1, 1996)

This text presents evidence of the work and action of feminists in academia and shows that there is still much to be done before academia is a safe and welcoming environment for women. Women integrate their experience with theory to document and challenge the obstacles to equality and difference.

This book promotes feminist and feminist-inspired work which integrates experience and theory, and which is sensitive to the conceptual and organizational significance of diversity, multiplicity and creativity, as factors in higher education. The series aims to contribute to the development of interdisciplinary feminist awareness, theory and dialogue, as well as organizational change, and will highlight underexposed areas of concern regarding gender issues in higher education. Using critical autobiography and life histories, the series will expand and support work by men as well as women, which facilitates the reconceiving of organizational masculinities and virility culture in contemporary higher education.