An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures

ISBN-10: 0822330881

Paperback: 355 pages

"Critic and scholar Ann Cvetkovich wrenches the concept of trauma away from the analyst?s couch and recasts it in the context of lesbian culture. By resisting the use of academic psychobabble, she makes a cogent argument for trauma as a source of queer creative and political energy. . . . Cvetkovich?s prose is passionate and bold, delving head-on and clear-eyed into topics like S/M butch/femme sexual dynamics, and incest. She?s refreshingly savvy about underground dyke culture: Here the experience of moshing to Tribe 8 at a women?s music festival is as relevant as Freud?s theory of trauma and consciousness. As scholarship, this book is bound to become an essential study of lesbian cultural output and political activism; as a lay read, it?s both edifying and invigorating."
--Chelsey Johnson, Out