A Motherhood Issue: Discourses on Mothering Under Duress

A Motherhood Issue: Discourses o­n Mothering Under Duress, by Lorraine Greaves, Colleen Varcoe, Nancy Poole, Marina Morrow, Joy Johnson, Ann Pederson and Lori Irwin
A paragraph o­n the treatment of abused women in a systematic analysis of stories in media : "In summary, woman abuse in general, and patterns of abuse in particular, the relationship between women and children, women?s terror and men?s responsibility were absent or obscured in the articles concerning mothering and woman abuse. Men were often depicted as agentless, were not held responsible for their actions, and their actions were justified and explained. The duress experienced by women was often evident in these articles, but the connection between this duress and mothering was not addressed. Indeed, mothers were held responsible for protecting their children, and were depicted as complicit with their own abuse or the abuse of their children."